Giving Parties For Pets

Since the Early Times, familiar creatures were accepted as quasi-supernatural entities who would assist witches and the Cunning Folk in their magical practices. Documents of that era described them as appearing in numerous guises – usually as an animal, and most commonly as a cat, or cat-demon. Unlike ghosts or otherworldly spirits, they were described…

Predicting possibilities with pancakes

Mix a pancake, stir the pancake Pop it in the pan Fry the pancake, toss the pancake Catch it if you can See the pancake, what shape does it make? Gaze into the pan Show us, pancake, what is our fate? Speak! all-knowing flan.

Adventures in Strega, Italian Witch Liqueur

Liquore Strega is a saffron-hued herbal liqueur from Benevento, Campania, Italy.  “Strega” is Italian for witch, drawing on legends of witchcraft in Benevento that go back to truly olden times.  Benevento was a hotspot for a cult of Isis, a temple for which was also devoted to Hecate and Diana, all representing goddess moon aspects….

Chocolate Logs, Marzipan Mushrooms & Crowned Cakes

Cakes & Ale is the most often performed ritual within witchcraft, as well as one of the most ancient in practice, and consists of the sharing of food and drink among sorcières to mark a gathering. The concept of sharing a meal with someone to show goodwill dates back to prehistory and is symbolic of…

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“In the beginning of the story, the gingerbread man is created when a little old woman decides to bake a gingerbread snack. When she looks into the oven to check the progress of her creation, the gingerbread man jumps out of the oven. The woman desires to eat him, so the gingerbread man runs away…