Spiritualism In The Digital Age

At this unsettling time in our universal history there is a new desire for incorporeal methods of communication.

During the pandemic we have all learnt to use social media and video links to get in touch with each other. We have become newly aware of alternative places in the ether where we can join up and speak. Our social perspective has changed.

This does not stop at Zoom parties with our friends, as we can also use the digital realm to contact the spiritual realm.

What better time to use a séance to test our understanding of the boundaries between our perceived reality and the paranormal?

Halloween seance 2020

This is best done in the dark, at night. The spirits of the dead reside within the shadow world, making the absence of light a necessity to invoke them.


The ideal night of the year for communication with the this world is October 31st – Hallowe’en, All Hallows’ Eve, or Samhain. This is the night when the veil between the worlds is at its most fragile.


Piercing the veil digitally can be achieved using Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Zoom.

To conjure spirits we need to establish a circle led by a medium, and an ideal circle method is Instagram Live, as this is open to all entities who wish to communicate.

Death is not the end. Life is not snuffed out with our frail physical forms. There are worlds beyond our own, realms inhabited by the dead.

These are planes of existence ruled by forces beyond our comprehension. I know that the soul endures. I know, because I have seen beyond the veil. I have spoken with the departed, and they have chosen me to be their voice in the land of the living.

You are right to be cautious. I understand your unwillingness to believe. The spirits will forgive you.


I will be hosting a sĂ©ance on Hallowe’en night 2020 on Instagram Live. The session will be saved and shared here after its conclusion.

My Top 10 SĂ©ance Tips

Ghost touch. During a séance you need to be sensitive for any feelings of pressure on your face or body.

Phantom Winds. Be especially aware of any sensations of breezes or wind.

Spirit Raps. Listen for any unexpected noises. The spirits typically use one rap for Yes, two for No.

Candle. Lighting a candle attracts the spirits to us, and serves as a useful tool to demonstrate psychic presences. It can serve as a connection to the dead.

Music. Playing music which has a personal connection to you or the entities you are trying to connect with can be very helpful. Music helps our energies to join the vibrations of the spirit world.

Calm. Don’t be afraid.

The Circle. Don’t break the circle.

Darkness. Night time is the right time to communicate with ghosts.

Medium. Find one person to lead the session, to avoid clashing influences.

Cocktail. Alcohol is well established as a stimulant for psychic activity in the human brain. If you drink an appropriate cocktail while attempting a connection with the spirits, this can help you achieve a flexible mindset. Vodka has been used in native ceremonies for decades as a tool to blur the boundaries between one world and the next.

A suitable beverage for a night of conjuring spirits is the Ectoplasm cocktail. Whilst being very drunk puts you in a dangerous position as you unwittingly open yourself up to possession by roaming ghosts, a small amount of alcohol can help induce the right state of mind.

Ectoplasm Cocktail

1 shot vanilla vodka

1/2 shot Maraschino liqueur

1/2 shot coconut creme

1/2 shot lemon juice

1 egg white.

Combine in a chilled shaker, and ‘dry’ shake hard to froth and thicken the egg white. Add ice and shake again to chill, then pour into a cold glass.

Phenomena occurring during a  sĂ©ance can give us a fascinating insight into our own psychology, even if you have no belief in the land of the beyond.

Ectoplasm cocktail

I sense you have many questions. Who among you will speak first to the departed? During the séance I can either respond to your messages or connect with you directly by adding you to the session.

If you are not present for the live séance you can ask questions of the spirits in the comment section of this blog post. I will attempt a communication and respond to you.

Live séance footage here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sNgLyj4CuM

Do not break your internet connection if you wish to speak to the departed.




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