Vanquish a Love Rival via Voodoo

Sometimes you need to get somebody out of the way. I’m well aware that it would be v. bad ju-ju to destroy an enemy or rival by use of the dark arts… but….

Let me make it clear now that we will not be using poppets, D.U.M.E oils, hexing, cursing, left-handed grimoires nor will we be raising a demon at this time. You don’t need to spend an evening crouching in a pentacle trying not to disturb the salt circle or blow out the black candles.

But if you wish to remove a person from you or your beloved’s sphere of influence, then this can be done safely and reliably through the use of voodoo.

Voodoo’s moral code focuses on the vices of dishonor and greed. A cool head and sense of perspective is valued, and so is the ability and inclination to protect oneself and one’s own if necessary.

You don’t need to splash out on a trip to Haiti to track down a bokor sorcerer to do your work for you. It is not a requirement to be an initiate to call upon the spirits. All the ingredients you need can be found quite easily, especially if you have cemetery access.

So, who do voodoo? YOU do voodoo! You can make sure your Valentine isn’t tempted away by using this simple ritual. Don’t be a sucker all your life!


No matter what dark emotions may be aroused when you have a rival in love, you need to carry out their removal quite calmly. You have no need to be hurt and vengeful, because you are going to get rid of them now.

Very soon, you won’t be troubled by them any more. You should feel sorry for them, really.


You should carry out the ritual when the moon is waning. This year, the day after Valentine’s Day is a new moon, so any time from now until then is appropriate.

Most seasoned conjurers use color symbolism, and the colour for this spell is purple – this colour is a symbol of the cooling of relations between lovers. You need to sing throughout the 4 steps of spellcasting: preparation, invocation, possession and farewell.

The songs are used to open the gate between the deities and the human world and invite the spirits to possess someone. You can play pre-recorded music and sing along to it if that is easier for you. Choose music which is significant in your relationship – music you and your partner both enjoy, or which brings back happy memories for you.

If nothing comes to your mind, I recommend the Mondo Morricone album which is sung without words, so you can simply croon along with it.

Spell to remove a rival

1 purple candle

1 sheet of purple paper

1 red string or piece of wool.

1 small piece of red cloth

1 pair of new, unused scissors


A needle and thread

1 pinch of earth from a cemetery if you can find it (When gathering graveyard dirt, always leave something in its place- a coin or flower is best. Say a thank you to the occupant of the grave. The cemetery acts as a repository of spirits and is a sure point of access to the world of the invisible. Graveyard dirt acts as a protection to the wearer and strengthens charms.

2 ashtrays or flameproof bowls

A Voodoo Violet cocktail

Prepare your cocktail. Sing. Light the candle. By its light, write their names on the paper, next to each other, over and over until they fill the whole page. Then use the scissors to cut the paper so that their names are separated, separating the names into the two bowls as you go.

As you do, make the words of your song: candle burn, candle burn, burn X (say their name here) all away, turn passion into ashes, burn X all away. Cut, cut, cut X all away, sever sever X away, never never come back, sever X all away.

Sing these words along to the tune of the song you were already singing, until you have finished separating the names into the bowls.

Still singing, set light to the papers in the bowls, making sure that all the paper is completely reduced to ashes. Scrape the ashes out of your loved ones bowl into the centre of your piece of passionate red cloth, apart from one small pinch which you add to your drink.

Take the bowl with your rival’s names ashes outside and throw them into the air so that they fly away. Be careful not to get any ashes on yourself.

Then, go back into the house and wrap up your lovers ashes in the red cloth – you will make a gris-gris charm out of this. Add the graveyard dirt if you were able to get some. Spit into the ashes to give something of yourself to it. Prick your finger and add a drop of blood.

Then sew, sing and sip. Drink your drink, singing in between sips. This will bind you and your lover closer.

Sew it all up securely and stitch the red string onto it in a loop, so that it can be worn around the neck. You should carry this around on your person until you are quite sure that your rival has disappeared from the scene. Hum or sing your significant song whenever you can, to strengthen the charm.


When the spell has worked and you wish to dismantle the spell, you can do this by burning it until it crumbles into more ashes, then burying them somewhere where they will not be disturbed. Make sure to sing your significant song as before.

Voodoo Violet

1 shot of violet liqueur

1 shot of white vermouth

1/2 shot of lemon juice

1/2 shot of violet syrup

Combine ingredients in a chilled shaker with ice, then strain into a chilled glass. Scatter edible gold dust over the surface.



Happy Valentine’s Day! If you’d like to garner some good karma, why not send a few anonymous Valentine’s cards to single friends this year? Spread the love, create intrigue 🙂




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