Sunshine Superfan (I’m just mad about saffron…)

I’ve just returned from a trip to Los Angeles, land of relentless sunshine.

In the past, I’ve found the aggressive solar aspects of LA to be oppressive and uncomfortable, but I had a much different experience this time.  I was ready to open up to the sun as a symbol of optimism, vitality and enlightenment.


In a recent tarot reading, I received The Sun as my final outcome card – a welcome sight!  I’m currently going through a transition in my professional life and transitions are always a bit scary cloaked in the unknown as they are. It’s nice to carry the idea that no matter what, things will be ok.

I had this idea reaffirmed in a reading I had by Erin Smith of Vardo Tarot while I was in LA.  Erin is the proprietress of the delightful “Tarot Truck”, her customized modern day gypsy caravan from which she gives expert tarot readings.


We found her parked on Glendale Blvd. near the Farmer’s Market in Atwater Village on a Sunday afternoon.  I asked for a five card reading:


Erin explained that I was undergoing a transformation in which I was being challenged to overcome deeply ingrained notions of insufficiencies, be those of monetary, external resources or internal abilities.

She saw that the creative endeavor that I was embarking on  would ultimately be a success and this would largely be influenced by relying on my intuition to guide me.  This was what I needed to hear.  If you are in LA – run, don’t walk to to the Tarot Truck and experience Erin’s gift for yourself!


In celebration of my renewed optimism I created a cocktail inspired by the Sun with sunny Spanish flavors infused: sherry, oranges and saffron.

Saffron, red threads derived from a crocus flower, is used magically to enhance healing, happiness and strength which made it an obvious choice include in this elixir of enthusiasm.

Make a saffron simple syrup by gently heating equal parts water and sugar with a few threads of saffron.  After sugar is dissolved, remove from heat and let the threads steep for a half an hour, strain and use.


Sunshine Superfan

1.25 oz silver tequila
1 oz fino sherry
.75 oz lime juice
.5 oz saffron simple syrup
.5 oz Cointreau
3 dashes orange bitters

Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker filled one-third with ice.  Shake smilingly and strain into a cocktail glass.  Garnish with an orange slice and cherry.  Drink in the confidence, joy and brilliance that is the Sun.


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  2. sayloraway says:

    This post brought some sunshine to my day! I can’t wait to try this cocktail. I love the heady, earthiness of saffron and the lovely color but haven’t always had success in using it in the right doses.


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