Hoodoo you do? A Voodoo Valentine

I’ve recently returned from the magical city of New Orleans. ┬áFrom Roman Catholicism to Haitian Voodoo to haunted condos the place is lousy with spirits. ┬áNot to mention the booze variety.

Liquid Poe-try: The Tell-Tale Heart

I recently had the pleasure of visiting a surprising (to me, at least)┬áNYC historic treasure, Poe Cottage in the Bronx, Edgar Allan Poe’s last residence. ┬áWhile I had known that Poe had perished in Baltimore, I was unaware that he called the Bronx home for the last three years of his life. ┬áHe wrote several…

Sunshine Superfan (I’m just mad about saffron…)

I’ve just returned from a trip to Los Angeles, land of relentless sunshine. In the past, I’ve found the aggressive solar aspects of LA to be oppressive and uncomfortable, but I had a much different experience this time. ┬áI was┬áready to open up to┬áthe sun as a symbol of optimism, vitality and enlightenment.

Bee-Witched! The Sweetest Sting

It’s summertime in New York City and I’ve been bee-witched. ┬áIn the park there are ┬ábushes alive with busy bumblebees every morning. ┬áI’ve fallen under the spell of their nectar-intoxicated dance; their ingredient-gathering ritual that results in the magical miracle of honey.

Drinking Down the Moon: Making Moonshyne

The mysterious moon pays us a visit each and every night; even on nights when we can’t see her, she is merely hiding, playing her month-long game of peek-a-boo. ┬áShe is the consummate coquette, the cool and shimmering goddess, so full of secrets, but she will share them with those who will open their hearts…

Magic Tonka Beans: Illicitly Delicious

The fragrant tonka bean is a native of South America, a product of the cumaru tree (dipteryx odorata).┬á They have a lovely vanilla-almond-slightly fruity aroma, and in hoodoo traditions these sweet-smelling beans are used for love and money magic.┬á It’s said that you should work with them in only in odd numbers.┬á They can be…

Throw a Wicker Man Party for Beltane!

Beltane is one of the best festivals of the year in my opinion – a celebration of fire, flowers and creativity!┬á It’s also the backdrop for the 1973 Christopher Lee gem The Wicker Man, the film about a hapless policeman investigating a missing child on the mysterious Scottish island of Summerisle. If you’ve never seen…

The Green Man Cometh

The Green Man is a mysterious chap.┬á A nature deity, he is usually depicted as an anthropomorphic form composed entirely of lush, green vegetation; his face sprouting leaves instead of hair and branches streaming from his mouth.┬á Interestingly, though he appears to be obviously pagan, the Green Man peers out from the architectural details of…

The Divine Fool: Zero & Hero

The Fool is many things and none.┬á The Fool is the jester, the joker, the trickster, the clown, the simpleton, the na├»f, the hero.┬á The first card in the tarot deck, the Fool’s number is zero.┬á A blank slate.