The Golden Goose: A Prosperity Potion

The Yuletide holiday season fast approacheth and I believe there isn’t a single witch reading this post that can say their coffers are filled sufficiently to survive the inevitable onslaught comfortably. Everyone could use a little feathering of their nest especially this time of year. Enter The Golden Goose; a delicious little money spell that has the bonus side effect of soothing the frazzled nerves so common this time of year.

Moon Phase: Waxing

Day of week: Sunday

Time of Day: Twilight


Equipment:  Cocktail cauldron(shaker)
Bar measure
Knife & cutting board
Cocktail chalice
Wooden toothpicks
Piece(s) of gold jewelry
Green or gold candle & matches
Altar cloth in green and/or gold or some luxury fabric


Ingredients:   1 oz. rye whiskey, representing the element of Earth where material goods such as money reside
1 oz. Green Chartreuse, the color of cash which comes from the many leafy herbs infused within
1 oz. Cointreau, orange has magickal wealth and success correspondences
1 oz. fresh lemon juice for purification as we don’t want ill-gotten goods, do we?

1 egg white, to nourish the beginning of your little nest egg
Angostura bitters, for embellishment


Now you know that a spell is only as powerful as the intention put into it, so it is important that throughout the preparation of your potion that you vividly visualize the prosperity that you are requesting from the universe.  Prepare your chalice by adorning it with your jewelry. I used a gold and diamond bracelet and wrapped it around the base of the stem. You could place a well-washed ring or coin at the bottom of the glass. Fill your shaker half full of ice and separate the egg over it letting just the white drip in and reserving the yolk for another purpose. Shake vigorously 30 times until the outside of the shaker is quite frosty. Measure out and pour in the rye, Chartreuse, Cointreau and lemon juice and shake vigorously until too cold to hold, chanting:
“Cosmos hear my money plea
Send forth riches unto me
From this eggy potion’s froth
Hatch a sweet and prosperous broth
As I sip of mysteries old
Fill my purse with cash and gold”


Then decant the potion into your chalice and give it a minute to develop the velvety froth on top. Then pour a little Angostura bitters into the lid of the Angostura bottle and use a toothpick to “paint” a dollar sign or whatever currency is most relevant to you on the froth, much like baristas do with your latte. This is a little tricky, and I recommend protecting everything with paper towels because Angostura is super stainy.


Ta-dah! Now you have a beautiful cocktail, bursting with prosperity magic. Transport your full chalice to your “altar” which you have optionally draped with a luxurious fabric in green and/or gold. Another optional spell-booster is a small bowl of almonds, a nut associated with prosperity as well as a delicious accompaniment to this particular cocktail. Light a green or gold candle, and sip your way to fiscal health. You may wish to repeat the incantation in between quaffs to be certain the universe gets the message.


Or you may like to meditate on the Ace of Pentacles.


Or any other images of prosperity that bring you joy.


Bonus if you’ve got a little golden familiar to join you! Cheers!

My familiar, Jinx, blessing the altar


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