The New City Witches Cocktail Coven

Magic- when used properly by Those Who See Beyond- can be the most valuable tool in your personal armoury to assist you in all those vexing little problems that arise in the lives of the best of us- and we urban witches, rather than depend on some withered old crone living in a cave in the back of beyond, or visiting some reeking, musty alchemists shop- have found fresh and viable alternatives to the out-of-date and, frankly, dull potions of yore.

Not for us the fat of a speckled goat, the brain of a black ram, or the heart of one who died before his time! There are a few modish new gourmet butchers shops popping up now who might be able to source these things for you, but those places are wildly overpriced, and who needs to try and deal with a lot of rats entrails or the severed hand of a convict who has been hung at a crossroads when you’re trying to relax after work, or putting the children to bed?

We prefer to use our arcane knowledge of mixology, crafting and baking to produce the required shifts in the fabric of the world around us, and invite you to join us.

We will be sharing delicious and strangely effective cocktail recipes and helpful tips and rituals for happy and magical living.

Is your inner voice saying “Yes, yes, yes”?- then join us, and drink your way to a charmed life!

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