A Haunted House

We have a resident ghost. He brushes his teeth with Sarah’s electric toothbrush in the middle of the night. Sometimes I hear it and it stops just as I get there.

Our TV also went on full blast the other night when no one was near it.

It was quite freaky the first time the toothbrush started vibrating on its own, then it did it again when I was walking up the stairs, and stopped when I got close, and a few nights later the TV went on again!

Had a full on ghost moment at home tonight. Stepped into the passage from our room and heard a loud whisper like”oohkay” and then the light flashed. I went ice cold and goosebumps and legged it downstairs.

Part of the house is 1930’s and the rest is 1970’s.

I heard a strange scratching noise while working at my desk today. Just brief, not ratlike. Nails on a wall?

They take regular walks in the nearby cemetery of St Peter’s Church in Harborne with its 14th century tower.

A tour of the house

An apparition which looked like Albert Einstein rose from the mist in the cemetery today…Sarah greeted him, and he answered back..and today when I went up to her room, something had smashed a photo frame…

There have been several recorded sightings of ghosts in the churchyard, including the spectre of Edward “Moses” Roberts, the vicar of St Peter’s Church between 1858 and 1891, who has also been sighted at the local Harborne Cricket Club.

There have been reports in the past of a Grey Lady in Vicarage Road, the first being in 1922 – a dim shade of a hooded woman who walks the street at midnight, weeping and holding out her hands to passers by.

Have you ever noticed how often, when the company is congenial and the night ages, how the subject of haunting will crop up, and how many apparently hard-headed people have had some eerie experience?

I don’t claim to be psychic. I have never yet seen anybody or anything which wasn’t there, but I am responsive to atmosphere, and many times I have thought “Oh, how odd! Is there something?” when I have been in a particular place. A sudden cold chill, or a flash of light, where there can be no light source.

I have seen shadows where there shouldn’t be shadows, or rapid darkening in corners for no apparent reason.

My friend is a very practical, level-headed person. I have no reason to doubt her recounting of her experiences.

I don’t think there is any question that she is sharing her family home with something… or somebody.

Despite a lifetime’s interest in hauntings, I have evolved no theory, nor adhered to one. I have a kind of general belief that places make an impression on people, and that people in certain circumstances can leave an impression on places.

The whole thing is still a mystery.

In the most ordinary living room or any empty room, the essence of what creates interest in ghosts is THERE with vision and sound included – just waiting for the right contact to be made. A chest of drawers can make no such contact – a screen can do and will do, yet it only records what has been there all along.

I think that much the same thing applies to psychic experience – certain people, in certain circumstances, become plugged in or switched on.

I look forward to visiting her and making some Exorcism cocktails. These combine vodka for cleansing, honey to purify and salt to repel spirits. I have added chocolate tequila as this is a favourite drink of my haunted friend, to personally connect her to the ceremony.

The Exorcism

1/2 lime, cut into wedges

Pinch of salt

1 shot of chocolate tequila or chocolate liqueur

Tablespoon of liquid honey

1 shot of vodka

1 white of egg

Shake the salt, vodka, chocolate tequila and honey together in a chilled shaker with the egg white. Pour them over the lime wedges and a cube of ice.

One of these and nobody can say you are suffering from a lack of exorcise.

Before you drink, raise your glass and say: “I ask the universe to remove all negative entities from this house. You are not welcome here, so please go back to where you came from”.

I have urged her to contact the Society For Psychical Research and the The Parapsychological Association to have them launch a full investigation.

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