Embrace your Inner Lunatic – Making Moonwater

“She wants you to get pregnant”, my friend said with a smirk when I told her my mother gave me a bottle of moon water.
The moon is good for women, governing everything from the tides to our very emotions, and especially good for witches.
The bottle my mother gave me looked like a regular water bottle. Unopened. The plastic around the lid was still intact. She had left it outside in view of the moon, shining in its full blazing glory. And overnight it changed from regular drinking water to Moon water, endowed with all sorts of magical properties.

More Than Just a Light in the Sky

Moon by Dom del Torto


Moon water is good for everything from fertility to enhanced creativity. Interested? I was. I looked it up. Here’s what I found out.



Moon water takes on the qualities of the sign that particular full moon is in. So a Capricorn moon makes water that helps you define your boundaries if someone is trying to cross them, while a Pisces moon creates water that helps you get in touch with your emotions. So figure out what you need, what would strengthen you or make your life more whole. Make your moon water during that moon.

I’ve never been steered wrong.  I don’t know what sign the moon was in when my mother made me that water, but it readily took on my intention. I wrote “moon” on the side, so my husband wouldn’t accidentally drink it, and put it in the fridge. I could’ve just downed it, but we witches are more creative than that.

Lunar Cocktails – Howl at the Moon

Moon & Clouds over Holloway by Dom del Torto
I’m a whiskey drinker. And I’d like my drinks to taste like alcohol! I usually drink my scotch or whiskey straight, but since I had the moon water I thought to myself, why not add a little magic to a regular Saturday night? So I made my whiskey a “whiskey and water” using the moon water. So easy. And I made a wish.
I won’t tell you what it is, because then it won’t come true. But let’s just say I’m confident. This moon water is powerful stuff. And you don’t even need to say a spell to add to its power. You just have to make sure your intention is clear. So why not give it a try?
All you have to do is leave some water outside during a full moon. It can be a glass (but you might want to cover it so creepy crawlers don’t get in it) or like my mother did, an unopened bottle of water. Leave it overnight and let the moon work its magic.
Then drink the water anyway you like. You can add it to anything, like I did by adding a splash to the whiskey. Or you can drink it straight if you’re hard-core like that. Have your intention ready, clear in your heart.
I don’t need to wish that your dreams will come true. I’ll just leave that between you and the moon.

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