Magic Eggs

“Long long ago before time had begun, the moon lost a pebble and away through space it spun, in the world far below only water could be seen, it sank down to the bottom and it lay there like a dream… Magic Egg….Rejected by the devil and circled by a dove, the message inside was the message of love”

  • Magic Egg by the Barrow Poets

Eggs and seeds are all potential, full of promise and new life. If you have a wish for the new year, you can make it come to pass by combining these potent ingredients for a wishing charm.

 Wishing Egg Spell

 Eggs (as many as you have wishes)

Red wool for hanging the eggs


Seeds or small bulbs

 Carefully tap the top off your raw egg or eggs, using a sharp knife. Dump out the contents, but hang on to them, that’s good egg is that. I used duck eggs because they are bigger and a little easier to work with, also I enjoy that they look a bit like snakes eggs….very smooth and glossy.

 If you can manage it, make 2 small holes at the sides of the shells for hanging your eggs in the window.

 Sticking a little masking tape over the outside and inside of the shell for the duration of this process will help keep the shell from cracking. I used a small drill, but you could use an awl or a darning needle. Leave the tape on the inside of the shell, it will strengthen the egg.

If making the holes seems too much of a headache, you could make a little sling out of wool and hang the egg in the window that way.

 Write out your wish or wishes on slips of paper, and place them in the bottom of the shell. Cover them over with earth.


I chose to use bulbs, one of which I found randomly in the street the other day. Clearly, Fate has sent me this bulb! So I put as much earth in as the egg would hold, and planted my bulbs. Seeds are a good choice also – just simple mustard and cress seeds work very well. The red wool creates a binding.

 Hang your wishing eggs in the window where they will get plenty of light, and give them a few drops of water a day. Every time you water them, think of your wishes and imagine them sprouting with the seeds or bulbs, gradually coming to fruition.

You may wish to play the ‘Magic Egg’ album by the Barrow Poets while you work. A group of folk poet musicians from the late 60’s and early 70’s, they produced this masterpiece of wonder which I am lucky enough to possess on a vinyl LP. It is not available in any other format. I share it here with you.


 As the seeds of change grow and spread within the egg, so your wish will come to pass. The egg represents the whole universe – the white and the yolk a perfect balance between light/dark, male/female, sun/moon.

 At this time of the year, it illustrates the Sun God enfolded by the White Goddess Ostara and their union. Like Odin hanging in Yggdrasil to obtain knowledge of magic from the other side of things, so they will hang, and grow, and nurture your desires.

With the egg contents, you could make a delicious omelette- or if you have a little time on your hands, separate the whites from the yolks.

 You can make a very good frothy gin fizz cocktail with lemon and egg whites, which you will see in my post on Giving Parties For Pets, or casually throw together a lemon meringue pie with some pre-rolled pastry from the chiller cabinet at the supermarket and a jar of lemon curd. Amaze your friends with your domestic goddess abilities!

 With the golden yolk, you could try mixing it into orange juice for a terrifying hangover cure. Or make a flip! A flip is an egg-based cocktail which started out as hot and sweet, but grew cold over the decades.

 Ostara Orange Flip

 2 shots brandy

1 egg yolk

1 shot orange curacao or triple sec

Orange peel and cinnamon to garnish


Fill a cocktail shaker with ice cubes, and combine ingredients with the ice. Shake vigorously- it should emerge frothy. Strain into a chilled glass. Sprinkle with cinnamon, garnish with orange peel and serve immediately.


Hail Ostara!


This morning just after dawn, I saw this golden creature on my way to the bus stop. An emissary of Ostara? Almost definitely.


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