Host Your Own Álfablót

Now that you have all your ducks in a row for the Christmas holidays you may feel like doing something quiet tonight before the festive revels really kick off, and what better way to spend your evening than hosting a Álfablót for the elves of your region? It’s exactly the right time of year.

People rarely consider the Little People these days, so a little hobnobbing might be an good political move. If you are lucky, they may reveal the future to you.


When you are carrying out this ritual, you need not open the door to anyone who comes calling – it is traditional to shroud your movements in secrecy. And make sure the house is clean – elves hate a dirty house. The moon is waxing gibbous tonight which is very appropriate as elves are bearers of light.


As they are more of the ancient world than the modern, it would be wise to extinguish all lights except those on the Christmas tree, so that it isn’t too glaring for them, and don’t have the television on. It’s incredibly rude to have the television on when any guests are visiting, actually.

Light plenty of candles, which are a source of heat and light they will feel comfortable with. Provide nourishment – a perfect option would be good quality salted nuts – elves are very proud and picky, but will recognize these easily as fine foods. Macadamia nuts are the money nuts. They may have travelled a long way, so you should ensure that light, food, heat and drink are available.


A good drink for the occasion would be one which combines Christmassy marzipan/almond qualities with the most universally recognized high quality wine – champagne.


Bubbly Bakewell

6 oz champagne

1 oz Amaretto

1 oz Cherry Liqueur

1 dash Black Cherry syrup

Combine the liqueurs and syrup in the bottom of the glass and pour the champagne over them. Gently muddle together.


The dark cherry syrup represents blood, in case any dísir join you and the elves. These ancestral female spirits inhabit overlapping realms with the Little People and are notoriously bloodthirsty. They prefer a bloodstained altar for their offerings too, so if you have a red tablecloth, crack it out.


Before you drink, speak your invitation: “Let them come who wish to come, and let them go who wish to go, and do no harm to me or mine”.

Talk and laugh away with any living creature present but don’t lose track of the purpose of the evening – and if they happen to leave a gift which you do not originally value, hold onto it. It may have turned into something more valuable by morning. And don’t get too excited if they do happen to leave a gift of gold, as it is bound to have turned into dead leaves by daybreak.

Keep a careful eye on shadowy corners and see who – or what – comes to join you.



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